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Our Pasta

Our pastas are made from Australian Durum wheat and flours, pasteurised farm fresh eggs, and fresh vegetables made in the traditional Italian way – hand-made, slow- dried and hand-packed.

Pasta Riviera offers over 16 different flavours of gourmet long and short pasta’s. We offer 4 cuts of long pasta – angel hair/ Country spaghetti, Linguini, fettuccine and Pappedelle.
A little about the style of pasta we produce:-
What makes one pasta considerably superior quality to another after all they contain the same base ingredients?
The answer is similar to the differences in bouquet beers V’s larger breweries. They both use hops and water to produce quite different products. The difference is in the quality of ingredients and the process that is used to produce the products.

The best pastas are made from a selection of the freshest ingredients – finest flours, freshest eggs and natural flavourings.

These are shaped using bronze draw-plates giving the pasta a rough and porous surface which has a greater ability to hold onto a sauce. It also give the pasta greater water absorption qualities, hence, it expands to a greater volume and has more elasticity. The large commercial producers use Teflon or plastic dies. They are more efficient in producing large quantities of pasta but not of the same quality.

In addition, the drying process is an important method to the end result. Large commercial manufacturers machine dry their pastas quickly. The best pastas are air-dried over several days. Slow drying leaves the gluten in tact essentially for cooking and preventing the pasta from turning mushy.

Pasta Riviera uses the above methods of fresh ingredients, brass extrusion and slow drying.